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We launch successful

Creative PR agency

Happy clients
8 000
Articles and stories published in media
20 000 000
People read articles
16 000 000
Dollars of saved advertising budgets
Proactive PR
Proactive PR
Proactive PR
Guaranteed publishing in media
Guaranteed publishing in media
Guaranteed publishing in media
You pay for the result
You pay for the result, not for the process
You pay for the result
Established relations with media
Established relations with media
Columns, Lifehacks, Articles & Blogs
New ideas & formats


- Single publications
- Media and PR support
- PR in foreign media
- Press conference support
- Development of communication strategy
- Press-kit creation
- Studying of the company, audience and competitor
- SMM-strategy development
- Company communities creating & design
- Content plan development, photos & text content creation
- Setting & launching target advertising in social network
- Prompt response to comments in social media, working with negativity
- We work in FB, VK, OK, IG, Telegram, TW, Linked In
- Account maintenance in Russian & English
Media Monitoring
- Monitoring of company activity in media
- Analytics: emotionality of publications, media impact & assessment of visibility
- Promptly enquire if the new publications are released
- Monitoring of competitor's activity in media
- Press clipping
- Monitoring of Russian & foreign media

- Media training for company speakers
- Consulting company's executives & marketers on PR business strategy
Event press-service
- Selection of target media for events
- Negotiation with media on information partnership
- Preparation of the press release and distribution among the media
- Invitation of journalists, registration
- Working with journalists at the event
- Preparing speakers
- Following up on the event: distribution of follow-up press release, communication with journalists, providing additional comments
- Preparation of press report
Company website blogs
- Preparing useful materials for your customers
- SEO-text optimization
Positive image of the company

Customers show more interest to your products and services

TrendFox enhances:

Partners and corporates recognize your brand

Founders, Directors, Top managers become public personalities

Continuos communication

We work hard. We are fast & efficient

TrendFox team:

Сommunicates efficiently with customers and media

Suggests several ways to solve the task

We are open to your ideas! May you have particular requests, please, come to us!
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