The adventures of Japanese kamikaze in Russia or how make Vedomosti interested to write about a regional shopping center

Semenovsky Shopping Center

Campaign objective: To refresh customers' perception of Semenovskiy Shopping Center and rise media interest to 20th anniversary of Semenovskiy.
Date: November 15, 2017
Mr. Eikichi Nishikawa, the founder of Semenovsky Shopping Center
The campaign deployment: Because the advertisment budget was not foreseen for the project we needed to elaborate the legend about Semenovsky that would catch genuine media attention and interest. We learned that the founder of Semenovsky was Eikichi Nishikawa, a Japanese kamikaze and pilot. During World War II as he was an 18-year-old man captured by the Soviet army on the territory of Manchuria, the area of the northeast China. Eikichi Nishikawa was sent to a detention camp. Vasiliy Chebotarev, a Soviet major, helped the young man to survive and return to Japan. Nishikawa was staying in touch with the officer all his life. Eikichi Nishikawa became a successful real-estate developer. He decided to construct Semenovsky Shopping Center in Russia to support the family of Vasiliy Chebotarev, who passed away by that time.
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We presented this amazing story and suggested Vedomosti and other newspapers to write about Eikichi Nishika. The story became a huge success. Vedomosti, CRE Retail Magazine,, Shopolog published the story with the pictures of Semenovsky. The editors met Mr. Nishikawa's son and issued a big interview with him.
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