Cinema and theatre stars cook 9-meter record-size roll.

"DvizhOK" Cafe healthy
fastfood chain

The campaign objective: to increase DvizhOK brand awareness among family audience through participating in a charity event and attracting lifestyle media.
Date: September 2017
The campaign deployment: TrendFox enabled media coverage for DvizhOK Cafe healthy fast food chain at "Galafest" Children's Festival. DvizhOK was a partners of Galafest. We decided to cook a giant rolls 9-meter long to honor 870th anniversary of Moscow. We envolved celebrities, cinema and theatre stars and guests of the Festival to cook together the roll. Liza Arzamasova, Yulia Peresild, Timur Rodriguez, Yevgenia Dmitrieva - the well-known actors joined to cook the roll. The roll hit the record by its size, we fixed that and sent to the Russian Book of Records. Livestyle and entertainment media, including TV channels showed high interest in this event. "Russia 24" TV Channel and other 30 media outlets, including TC "U", The Village, Yes !, "" reported about the record 9-meter roll.
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