How to make customers and journalists queuе for hot-dogs

"DvizhOK" Cafe healthy
fastfood chain

The campaign objective: to increase DvizhOK brand awareness among a younger audience through organizing a special event and involving lifestyle media; attract the attention to DvizhOK of the visitors in the Central Children's Store.
Date: July 2017
The campaign deployment: TrendFox developed the concept and the draft of DvizhOK Hot Dog Day in Lubianka Central Children's Shop. The Hot Dog Day is officially celebrated in the US on July 18. We announced The Hot Dog Day in media. The event took palce on the observation platform of the Central Children's Shop. During the Hot Dog Day DvizhOk cooked and handed around more than 1000 hot dogs. Those who wanted to get a hot dog had to make a picture with DvizhOK logo and post it in Instagram with #cafedvizhok. To attract more visitors we organized contests on high-speed eating of hot dogs with meat sausages and master-class on how to cook hot dogs with one's own recipe. The event got excellent media coverage: Russia 24 TV channel and some entertainment TV channels showed stories about DvizhOK Hot Dog Day. Guests of the Hot Dog Day published more than 1000 posts with #cafedvizhok in Instagram.
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