1917 Revolution Dinner

"PIRogovo" Yacht-club

The campaign objective: to raise awareness of customers about Domino restaurant, located in "PIRogovo" residence. For that purpose we suggested to introduce a new menu with specialities cooked on historical recipes of 1917 October revolution time. This way a visitor of Dimino could enjoy the menu of Bolsheviks or Provisional Government members or the royal family or a bourgeoisie of that time.
Date: December 17, 2017
Блюдо с ужина
The campaign deployment: TrendFox team developed the concept and the script book of the Revolution Dinner, compiled a list of invitees: celebrities, politicians and political expeerts, life-style and glossy media, bloggers and arranged the invitations. Maksim Syrnikov, the famous chef of Domino and big lover of historical cuisine, recreated the recipes of 1917 and prepared 14 specialites for the Revolution Dinner. The guests were offered five degustation sets: Bolshevik Set, Bourgeoisie Set, Proletarian Set, the Royal Family Set, a Military Revolutionary Committee Set. During the dinner we held a discussion on the history of Russian cuisine during the Revolution time. The Revolution Menu is offered in Domino retaurant in "PIRogovo" throughout 2018.
Шеф-повар Максим Сырников Первая проба блюда
The invitees of the Revolution Dinner were the residents of "PIRogovo" and a number of external guests: Sergey Markov, a politologist; Alexei Pushkov, a senator and presenter of "Postscriptum" TV Show on TVC channel; Alika Smekhova, an actress; Semen Ekshtut, the chief editor of Rodina Magazine and Alexander Vaskin, a writer. The guests enjoyed the dinner and life music performance with the pieces of the revolution time. In the breaks of the performance the guests were lively discussing why the Bolsheviks were so humble about food, what Lenin ate, whether Nadezhda Krupskaya, his wife, was a good cook and why it was so common to fetch along bread to a restaurant after 1917.
Корреспондент Репортаж TV Алексей Пушков и его жена Нина Пушкова
10 media and bloggers attended the event, the articles about the event were published in public and lifestyle-media. The menue became a success throughout 2018.

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